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Let the Ashes begin

Ricky Ponting has fired the first salvo of the Ashes 2010 by saying a 5-0 whitewash is definitely possible. I think he meant Australia beating England 5-0. Sure. Whatever you say Ricky. England are in the process of winning 8 test matches in a row (if they beat Pakistan in the remaining 2 test matches, which is highly likely).

However, in my view, the contest is a lot closer than most people think. Continue reading the article at World Cricket Watch

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Monty downs a Meteorite

The batting abilities of Mudhsuden “Monty” Panesar are legendary. The Aussies and the English are still in the process of figuring out how, Monty in the company of James Anderson held off the Aussie attack for more than 10 overs in that eventful opening test match of Ashes 2009 at Cardiff. Ricky Ponting has thought so long and hard (that’s what she said!) about Monty’s escape that gray afternoon at Cardiff, his face has acquired a permanent pucker.

B.S. Chandrashekar, Christ Martin, Glenn McGrath, Narendra Hirwani and Courtney Walsh are absolute shoo-ins if there were to be a bunny “Hall of Fame” in Cricket. But Monty would’ve been reserved a seat right at the head of the table of bunnies. Easily.

Its quite possible that even the heavens were so bowled over by Monty’s magic on the last day of that Ashes test, they could not handle watching Monty bat yet again. Perhaps, the people upstairs thought it was sacrilege for Monty to bat. Ever. Probably why they sent down a meteorite to shoot down Monty during the 4-day game between Middlesex and Sussex.

Jan Marszel, 51, and Richard Haynes, 52, were watching Sussex players Luke Wright and Monty Panesar bat when a black object soared towards them.

Oh! So, Luke Wright, the blond-haired batting talent of the English side was involved in this, too? Wright’s batting when on song is all beauty. Except for the beauty part. Imagine you had a flyswatter in your hand and there was a pesky fly that has been bugging you so much that you are filled with rage and the only thing you want to do is, swing that bug-splatter equipment as hard as you could.. That’s Wright’s artistic batting display for you.

This explains why the meteorite was headed for the lowly County Championship Division Two game at the Uxbridge ground. The folks up above probably thought, Two birds, one meteorite. Done and Done.

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The case of a swinging elbow

Just for a moment, if I were to ask you to play a game of guess who, will ya? Pretty please, with sugar on top? Excellent. A particular cricket team from the sub-continent is playing a certain team from the Southern hemisphere. A precocious bowling talent from the Asian team just outsmarted and outwitted the other team’s captain and took his wicket through brilliant bowling and even better field placing. He is ecstatic that his plan came through and is running down the pitch to celebrate with his team mates. In doing so, he realizes he has come too close to the departing player and tries to avoid him. But then, the opposing captain extends his elbow to jab the bowler and mouths a few things as well, as parting favor.This sort of behavior, as we know, is a big no-no in cricket. Average cricket fan watching the game thinks: The captain is in some shit. He is gonna be pulled up by the match referee at the end of the day. Perhaps, a 50% match fees penalty is on his way.

Yep. The match referee hauls up both the players involved but absolves the captain of any and all wrongdoing and instead admonishes the young bowler. Where the fuck is the justice in that?

If you haven’t seen the incident, here it is for your viewing. The long and short of it.

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