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The Great Cricket Debate: India’s #1 Status and The BCCI

There is a lot of rankling outside of the sphere of India and her fans that, India have basically lucked in to the #1 Test Side status, since they have not beaten neither Australia nor South Africa in a test series away! (Apparently there is an unwritten rule in test match rankings that you had to wrest the #1 status from the cold, dead fingers of the previous holder of the title).

I was roped in by the good folks at World Cricket Watch to enter a debate with one of their columnist, Matt Wood (who is an Aussie living in Canada). So, Matt and I, started an email back and forth, conducted over a few days discussing India’s #1 test status and the workings of the BCCI. We thought we could include a discussion on the upcoming Australia’s tour of India but the debate quickly got out of control and so, we left it out for another time.

Click here for the debate published at WCW. Your thoughts and comments are most welcome.


Holding Willey Debut

I have been included as one of the contributing writers at The HoldingWilley. My first article “To Watch or To Switch” was published today. Take a look. Thanks.

The case of a swinging elbow

Just for a moment, if I were to ask you to play a game of guess who, will ya? Pretty please, with sugar on top? Excellent. A particular cricket team from the sub-continent is playing a certain team from the Southern hemisphere. A precocious bowling talent from the Asian team just outsmarted and outwitted the other team’s captain and took his wicket through brilliant bowling and even better field placing. He is ecstatic that his plan came through and is running down the pitch to celebrate with his team mates. In doing so, he realizes he has come too close to the departing player and tries to avoid him. But then, the opposing captain extends his elbow to jab the bowler and mouths a few things as well, as parting favor.This sort of behavior, as we know, is a big no-no in cricket. Average cricket fan watching the game thinks: The captain is in some shit. He is gonna be pulled up by the match referee at the end of the day. Perhaps, a 50% match fees penalty is on his way.

Yep. The match referee hauls up both the players involved but absolves the captain of any and all wrongdoing and instead admonishes the young bowler. Where the fuck is the justice in that?

If you haven’t seen the incident, here it is for your viewing. The long and short of it.

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Shit gets wickets

While playing for my university in the U.S., one of my mates, James who is an Aussie, after almost every time he would pick up a wicket, would say, “Shit gets wickets”. That was a brutally honest opinion from him about his own bowling. Although he was of wiry build, he could generate a decent amount of pace with his nippy action but his ideas about line and length – the fundamental tools for a good bowler – were non-existent. Well, he had some ideas about them but never could carry it out on a cricket pitch. Therefore, in spite of James’ best efforts, sometimes, the batsmen would gift wrap their wickets.

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Daylight Robbery

There is no other way to explain this. Pakistan seemingly had it in their grasp for 39 overs. Mike Hussey – not even at gun point – stole the whole darn thing from right under the nose of Pakistan. Personally, I was rooting for Pakistan for 2 reasons: 1) Let’s keep the cup in Asia 2) God, I hate the Aussies.

I feel for the Pakistani fans. They probably are the worst feeling lot, right about now. Cheer up fellas. You did a lot better than your much fancied neighbors. Pakistan team made itself and its people proud by this effort, despite the dysfunction that’s the Pakistan Cricket Board. Hold your chin up!

P.S. I had a whole blog post laid out about the exploits of this Pakistan team, but may have to alter it a bit 🙂

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