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History of the Penn State Cricket Club

The Office of International Students at the Penn State University publishes a weekly newsletter “Global Lion” and features stories about various aspects of the foreign students’ life at Penn State. In the current issue, a story about the long history of the beautiful game of Cricket at Penn State, written by yours truly, was published.

Click on the following picture to open the link (PDF) and skip to page 12 to learn about the many lives Cricket has lived at Penn State.

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Captaincy Kaboodle

I am no Mike Brearley, but I have some experience in captaining a Cricket team. The first time I ever captained a team, I was 11 or 12.  There were not many strategies involved back then, because all you are trying to do is just play and hope you win. The skill levels have barely developed and you don’t have  much of a clue. You have a general idea of the concepts of the game and you run with it.

By sheer luck, I became the captain of the Penn State Cricket Club (PSCC) during the course of the  2003 season.  I continued as captain for the rest of the season and the following season as well. I took the lead in the running of the practice sessions and people seemed to be comfortable playing under my captaincy. We won a couple more games that season but I started picking up on the little things that contribute to winning the games.
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