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Just Short

Test Match Sofa started an initiative where they published a short write-up of their favorite cricketers and opened it up to the fans and listeners as well. So, like any normal listener would do, I wrote with in the next 5 minutes a brief profile of my favorite cricketer, Rahul Dravid, and here it is:


There was always something endearing about Rahul Dravid, a batsman that had the look on his face as if he was trying to solve a differential equation while going back and across.  I had heard about his domestic exploits but the 95 runs on debut at Lord’s when he started his recurring role as the bridesmaid, made me a believer. He perfected the role in one of the greatest test matches in India’s history at Kolkata (2001). He has kept wickets, led the country, written foreword to Steve Waugh’s book, scored gazillion runs, and all that quietly. Take note Chris Gayle.


I was told that the write-up can have a maximum of 100 words. When I was done with it, I counted the words and it was 99. Just short. The story of the life of Rahul Sharad Dravid!

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Shit gets wickets

While playing for my university in the U.S., one of my mates, James who is an Aussie, after almost every time he would pick up a wicket, would say, “Shit gets wickets”. That was a brutally honest opinion from him about his own bowling. Although he was of wiry build, he could generate a decent amount of pace with his nippy action but his ideas about line and length – the fundamental tools for a good bowler – were non-existent. Well, he had some ideas about them but never could carry it out on a cricket pitch. Therefore, in spite of James’ best efforts, sometimes, the batsmen would gift wrap their wickets.

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