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What does India need to do?

The Cricket World Cup to be hosted jointly in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is only a little more than 7 months away. Currently, Indian team is involved in a pointless Asia cup final playing Sri Lanka, yet again. They will also be playing a three-team tournament featuring New Zealand and you guessed it.. Sri Lanka. There is the tour of South Arica towards the end of 2010 and a possible trip from Australia for a short test series.

This surely is Sachin Tendulkar’s final hurrah and his last chance to collect some hardware before he says bye bye to the limited overs format of the game and solely focuses on Test matches and perhaps IPL. Some Indian players have already mentioned that they want to win this one for Sachin.

Playing in the sub-continent certainly gives the Indian batsmen an advantage but then, it will make the bowling unit look, to put it mildly, ordinary. Of course, playing at home brings along with it a whole new set of pressures.

What do you think? What are the things that India need to get in order for a successful run at the World cup 2011? In terms of batting line up, team selection, bowlers, strategies etc. Chime in.


The Ewing Theory in Cricket

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Back in 1998 or thereabout, when ESPN, The worldwide leader in sports, was launching its website, it recruited sports writers and bloggers to enrich the website’s content. While doing so, it secured the services of a sports blogger Bill Simmons who called himself “The Boston Sports Guy“. Bill (or the sportsguy as he is known now) wrote and interpreted the sports scene in an overwhelmingly Boston sports fan point of view. I have been a big fan of his writing and to this day, still read his columns on ESPN.

He had many running features in his columns, such as “The Reggie Cleveland All Stars” (For athletes with black sounding names but are actually white), “Diane Lane All Stars” (For ladies who seem to get hotter as they get older, named for the Hollywood Actress Diane Lane), Tyson Zone (Nothing a person does, no matter how outrageous it is, does not surpise you!) etc. He also had a hypothesized many theories including the one he calls as, and my favorite, “The Ewing Theory“.

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