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New post at “CricAges”

Just posted an article over at CricAges “All quiet on the western front. So far” dealing with the state of cricket in the USA. Have a read and submit comments to let us know what your thoughts are on this. Does Cricket have a thriving future in the land of milk and honey?

Fan unfair

While being at a bar called “Shirley Heights” in Antigua and ordering a few shots of Bacardi 151 rum, my friends and I were pleasantly surprised to see, Adam Gilchrist was only at arm’s length, standing at the bar, ordering a few drinks himself. This was during the 2007 World cup. We were, of course, thrilled by the opportunity and to see a super-duper star so up close, was goosebumps inducing. We gathered up enough courage to actually ask him for a chance to get our pictures taken with him, which he flatly refused, very promptly. “Sorry mate! Can’t do it.” One of my buddies (you know who you are) with a couple of 151 shots in him by now, was dejected but well within Gilly’s earshot, bitched about this uncaring, un-fan-friendly attitude of Gilchrist and throwing in a asshole or two as well. Now, that’s just rude, isn’t it? We proceeded to take a picture or two of him anyway (as you can clearly see Gilchrist wasn’t comfortable with his pictures taken at a bar).

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Impending Twitter Crash of 2010

From now on, you can say in public that you follow God and you won’t be misconstrued for a religious person. It has happened folks! Sachin Tendulkar is finally on twitter and I am following him. I first noticed that SRT was on twitter when Harsha Bhogle tweeted about it. As any normal cricket fan and/or an Indian would do, I started following SRT.

Of course, there have been many instances of impostors claiming to be SRT. People start twitter or facebook accounts as some celebrity/athlete X and the actual person, if they wanna join these social networking sites, have to get a handle such as The Real X or something along those lines.

The identity of this SRT account was confirmed by a few people, including Harsha Bhogle and Yuvraj Singh, among many others and also by the picture that was uploaded by Sachin himself.

But I digress. Here is what Aakash Chopra tweeted about Sachin getting a twitter account

Sachin crashed Cricinfo’s servers when he scored that double…Twitter must buck up…and buck up fast!!! πŸ™‚ Go SRT πŸ™‚

and put twitter on high alert.

As of about an hour ago, Sachin is “up to 68000 followers. In 21 hours! An average of over 3000 an hour, but currently gaining over 6000 an hour!” according to Clarkyfanzine.

Twitter… You’ve been warned!

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