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A Broken Bond

As some of you may know, a few friends and I, went to the Caribbean in 2007 to watch the super six stage of the world cup tournament. We had planned on watching the India games, which would’ve been against Australia and New Zealand. Of course, you know how it all transpired. India did not make it to the Super 6 and we were left with watching an over-matched Bangladesh dueling (exaggeration of the highest degree) Australia in a rain-shortened match and then, New Zealand.

As much as we missed India there, it was sort of a liberating feeling because, now, we could watch these games as just fans of the game, and not be part of the roller coaster experience that is commonplace anytime you watch India play. One of the biggest pluses from this was that we got to watch the almost like a thoroughbred coming down the home stretch sort of smooth and rhythmic action, that belonged to the one and only, Shane Bond.

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