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The case of a swinging elbow

Just for a moment, if I were to ask you to play a game of guess who, will ya? Pretty please, with sugar on top? Excellent. A particular cricket team from the sub-continent is playing a certain team from the Southern hemisphere. A precocious bowling talent from the Asian team just outsmarted and outwitted the other team’s captain and took his wicket through brilliant bowling and even better field placing. He is ecstatic that his plan came through and is running down the pitch to celebrate with his team mates. In doing so, he realizes he has come too close to the departing player and tries to avoid him. But then, the opposing captain extends his elbow to jab the bowler and mouths a few things as well, as parting favor.This sort of behavior, as we know, is a big no-no in cricket. Average cricket fan watching the game thinks: The captain is in some shit. He is gonna be pulled up by the match referee at the end of the day. Perhaps, a 50% match fees penalty is on his way.

Yep. The match referee hauls up both the players involved but absolves the captain of any and all wrongdoing and instead admonishes the young bowler. Where the fuck is the justice in that?

If you haven’t seen the incident, here it is for your viewing. The long and short of it.

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New post at “CricAges”

Just posted an article over at CricAges “All quiet on the western front. So far” dealing with the state of cricket in the USA. Have a read and submit comments to let us know what your thoughts are on this. Does Cricket have a thriving future in the land of milk and honey?