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I like to move it, move it

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A “bored” debut

A cartoon strip I made “A tale of two innings“, is now published at the bored cricket crazy indians (BCC!) site. I want to acknowledge here that Mrs. Cricket Couch had a role to play in it. The cartoon is a commentary on the fighting, incredulous 100+ runs partnership between Thilan Samaraweera and Ajantha Mendis in the recently concluded 3rd test match between India and Sri Lanka. This partnership certainly put Sri Lanka on the way to a series win (2-nil) till VVS Laxman had other plans.

What are you still doing? Go check it out: A tale of two innings

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Name that VVS Laxman shot

During the course of his match winning century (102 N.O) against Sri Lanka in the 3rd test of the Series, VVS Laxman moved from 87 to 91 with a delightful looking stroke off Suraj Randiv through the cover region. Its a given that VVS has supple wrists and his onside flicks are legendary. His flick against leg spinners, especially when they are bowling around the wicket, is a thing of beauty. During the course of his mammoth 281 at Kolkata in 2001, he put on a clinic on how to play Shane Warne, who bowls big ripping leg breaks, by repeatedly flicking him against the spin towards midwicket, working those supple wrists overtime.

A cover  drive is defined as “straight-batted shot, played by swinging the bat in a vertical arc through the line of the ball, hitting the ball in front of the batsman along the ground” through the cover position. However, the shot he hit, mentioned above, had all the wrist work that VVS exemplifies in an onside flick aimed towards midwicket region, except this was hit towards cover. He did move his feet, stretched and got to the pitch of the ball, brought down the bat in the vertical arc but the follow through was unlike what you generally see in a cover drive.

What should we call this shot? That is the question. Is it a cover flick? off side flick? Help me figure it out. Here is the video of that shot. Cheers!

(Video adapted from Cricket online TV)

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Sehwag knows what he is doing

From Cricinfo’s plays of the day (from the 2nd day of the 3rd test match between India and Sri Lanka).

When he [Sehwag] saw Suraj Randiv top-edge a slog-sweep, he coolly turned back and asked the umpire for his hat. Dravid lived up to the expectations, and settled under the skier at first slip. It helped that he had to take two baby steps to come under the falling ball.

Its that time of the month

when i carry a hat in hand, come around to your inbox and ask of you to give me some clicks.

My post, The case of a Swinging Elbow is published on The Big Tip (The Aussie site) and I need about 1000 unique views in the next 48 hours. Help a brother out please. Spread the word to your friends and foes and family. Thank you very much.

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An Awesome Gift

I used to read at least one book every week when I was in college in India. That deteriorated to about 1-2 per month when I entered graduate school and as I immersed myself in to full-fledged TV watching (Hey, I gotta keep up with baseball, football, tennis, golf, ESPN, Comedy central, Cartoon network, cricket online), the habit of reading had come to a grinding halt.

I have been, for a long time, wanting to write about cricket. Best thing would be that you get paid to do it, but that is not my goal. Not yet anyway. I was talking to my better half the other day about how I need to get back in to the habit of reading books, especially, cricket related ones, so that I can get better at writing about the beautiful game of cricket.

Today at work, I received a package, that said on it and I was intrigued. As I opened the package and saw the content, to my pleasant surprise, it was this:

Beyond a Boundary - CLR James

Thank you love. I have also been told to curb my urge to order cricket books online as there might be some more of these on the way already. FANTASTIC! Even when I used to read regularly, I preferred to read fiction/thrillers as they moved fast. Since these books are about cricket, its should be a breeze to get through them. I’ll try to post my take on the book when I get done. Till then, you could read this.

An attempt at live discussion

I have seen on ESPN that golf, basketball, baseball, football experts cover live games online where the fans can participate in the live coverage by sending in questions and comments. It is done using Cover It Live and I always thought CIL is a paid service till I found out recently it is not. So, i thought I’ll give it a shot. I plan on covering the T20 Group A match between India and South Africa on Sunday, May 5th. Below is the discussion you will need to join to discuss cricket with like minded people as the action unfolds. Join in people.

Click Here to join the discussion at 9 AM ET on Sunday!