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Ten Things about Group Captain Sachin Tendulkar

Source: AFP

On September 3, 2010, Indian batting ace, Sachin Tendulkar was awarded the honorary rank of group captain by the chief of the Indian Air Force (IAF) for his contribution to cricket. Instead of an honorary award, what if he really was a group captain in the IAF?

1.  Tendulkar will be the first airman to fly 200 sorties in one day. Everybody knew from the day he entered the Indian air force and started flying them planes, he was gonna be the one to break the 200 barrier. Some thought this day might never happen and have to live with the fact that a Pakistani group captain had the record for the most number of sorties in a day.

2. When Tendulkar enters the peak of his prowess as a true dog fight legend, his wingmen would be extremely terrible. They would be so inept that they can’t even do the one job that is asked of them — hold one end up with some fake firefight and pretend to shoot at the enemy here and there.

3. For the majority of his flying career, he would be saddled with hand me down jets from the previous era which malfunction constantly with failures at the most inopportune times. During an epic battle against an archenemy, he would get 136 kills over the skies of Chennai and leave the rest of the squadron to shoot down just 17 more, as his back engine was fouling up but alas, that wouldn’t happen!

4. In the “Battle of the Hero Cup”, when senior and more experienced fighter pilots like Devil Kap were dithering over whether they could deal the deciding blow, Young Tendulkar would volunteer to take control and launch in to a certain suicide mission, only to emerge victorious.

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The Ewing Theory in Cricket

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Back in 1998 or thereabout, when ESPN, The worldwide leader in sports, was launching its website, it recruited sports writers and bloggers to enrich the website’s content. While doing so, it secured the services of a sports blogger Bill Simmons who called himself “The Boston Sports Guy“. Bill (or the sportsguy as he is known now) wrote and interpreted the sports scene in an overwhelmingly Boston sports fan point of view. I have been a big fan of his writing and to this day, still read his columns on ESPN.

He had many running features in his columns, such as “The Reggie Cleveland All Stars” (For athletes with black sounding names but are actually white), “Diane Lane All Stars” (For ladies who seem to get hotter as they get older, named for the Hollywood Actress Diane Lane), Tyson Zone (Nothing a person does, no matter how outrageous it is, does not surpise you!) etc. He also had a hypothesized many theories including the one he calls as, and my favorite, “The Ewing Theory“.

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He is like this only

Sachin Tendulkar was in Pune for laying the foundation stone for a hospital. Answering a query on whether the parties should be blamed for India’s debacle at the T20 World Cup, he said:

While the issue of IPL parties being a reason for the poor performance of the team is debatable, we all know that as players we need to be more responsible and get our priorities right… I cannot speak for others…I didn’t attend any of those parties, because for me it was more about focusing on the next game. Maybe that’s how I am.


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Impending Twitter Crash of 2010

From now on, you can say in public that you follow God and you won’t be misconstrued for a religious person. It has happened folks! Sachin Tendulkar is finally on twitter and I am following him. I first noticed that SRT was on twitter when Harsha Bhogle tweeted about it. As any normal cricket fan and/or an Indian would do, I started following SRT.

Of course, there have been many instances of impostors claiming to be SRT. People start twitter or facebook accounts as some celebrity/athlete X and the actual person, if they wanna join these social networking sites, have to get a handle such as The Real X or something along those lines.

The identity of this SRT account was confirmed by a few people, including Harsha Bhogle and Yuvraj Singh, among many others and also by the picture that was uploaded by Sachin himself.

But I digress. Here is what Aakash Chopra tweeted about Sachin getting a twitter account

Sachin crashed Cricinfo’s servers when he scored that double…Twitter must buck up…and buck up fast!!! 🙂 Go SRT 🙂

and put twitter on high alert.

As of about an hour ago, Sachin is “up to 68000 followers. In 21 hours! An average of over 3000 an hour, but currently gaining over 6000 an hour!” according to Clarkyfanzine.

Twitter… You’ve been warned!

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The feet are firmly where they are supposed to be

It never ceases to amaze me, the incredible humility that Sachin Tendulkar displays at all times. In spite of being the biggest star in the world of cricket, and being showered with unabashed adulation of millions, if not billions, he continues to exhibit the sort of decorum on and off the field, is just quite uncommon these days among athletes, let alone cricket stars.

Excerpt from Cricinfo

For a player who opted not to represent India in Twenty20 internationals in 2007, Tendulkar has appeared to have mastered the art of batting in the shortest format, as his statistics this IPL indicate. His batting has been a sensation this season but his captaincy has also drawn plaudits. Tendulkar captained India twice unsuccessfully, but he said he did not have a point to prove to critics as Mumbai prepared to contest their first IPL final.

“It’s a big stage but it’s not about proving a point to someone that I can manage captaincy. I have never played for that,” he said. “The runs I have scored in all forms of the game, I was not trying to prove something to someone. I have just played because I enjoyed playing and loved playing and the passion for cricket is there. I have just done that and while doing that all this has happened.

And the God said..

Tom Alter: Sachin, So you prefer facing Walsh and Marshall? You prefer facing fast bowling, why?
Sachin: Of course. Of course. I like facing fast bowling, because, the ball comes straight on to the battt.
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