Sehwag knows what he is doing

From Cricinfo’s plays of the day (from the 2nd day of the 3rd test match between India and Sri Lanka).

When he [Sehwag] saw Suraj Randiv top-edge a slog-sweep, he coolly turned back and asked the umpire for his hat. Dravid lived up to the expectations, and settled under the skier at first slip. It helped that he had to take two baby steps to come under the falling ball.


2 responses to “Sehwag knows what he is doing

  1. Subash,

    Lucky the umpire didn’t call over before Dravid completed the catch.

    And if I may boldly add, for me it was another poor day of Test cricket. Not enough pressure on the batsmen. I am hoping for an improvement on Day 3.


  2. @Valerio — 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 That’s eight. Eight wickets in a day of a test match in Sri Lanka. I am not a statistician but that could be some kind of record. I think its easy to get fooled in to thinking the pitch is totally benign based on how Sehwag is batting. That man is a freak of nature. The real nature of the pitch will be revealed after he gets out.

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