Holding Willey Debut

I have been included as one of the contributing writers at The HoldingWilley. My first article “To Watch or To Switch” was published today. Take a look. Thanks.


3 responses to “Holding Willey Debut

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  2. Subash,

    Congratulations on your holding willey debut. A pretty steady performance first up.

    I note with significant interest that you are not Australian crickets No.1 fan. Fair enough. It will be fascinating to see how Australia go in India for the 2 tests in October and then for the 5 test ashes series. I believe India’s next assignment after Sri Lanka is 4 tests in South Africa. We will know more about where India is in Test cricket at the conclusion of these outings. As always should be fascinating. I will be watching the selection of India’s bowling attack very closely. I hope they can strengthen it significantly.

  3. @Valerio – Thank you very much. The fact that I have deep seated dislike for seemingly all things Australian Cricket, is a sign of respect of what Australians have been able to accomplish in the last 2-3 decades, more than anything. I love the way the Aussies go about their work, ruthless and efficient. However, some of their on-field tactics/antics, especially by Ponting, Twatto, Mitch and in the past, McGrath et al — I am not a big fan of it. To this day, Steve “Ice Man” Waugh is one of my favorite cricketers and I’ll pay good money to go watch Warnie roll his arm over. I always loved the way Mark Waugh carried himself on and off the field. Binga is huge favorite not just for me, but a lot of non-aussie fans, as he always performed with a smile on his face, and in a very gentlemanly fashion.

    Certainly, it will be interesting to see how Aus perform in India. If India is in full strength, they should be able to win the series quite comfortably. Plus, the Aus focus will, at least to an extent, will be on the Ashes.. So, that could also play in to India’s hands. We shall see.

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