Sinhalese Sports Club Cricket Pitch

8 wickets in 3 days. Sounds about right!

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16 responses to “Sinhalese Sports Club Cricket Pitch

  1. ROTFL!!!

  2. Lol Did you watch that game in which Lanka made 952 for 6 in 97?? I am wondering how would it be watching a game in which one teams makes about 1000!

  3. @greyblazer I don’t think I watched that match… even if I did, I think Sanath’s piston like forearms bashed it out of my memory and not to mention, Roshan fucken Mahanama getting a huge century as well.. That’s what happens when your lead bowler is Venkatesh Prasad or for that matter Abhimanyu Mithun. Oh the pity!

    Regarding your 2nd point, I don’t even want to imagine a situation when the teams are scoring 1000 each… pleeaaseeee… it is worse than torture.

  4. Subash,

    What a disgraceful Test match this 2nd Test is. I am a compulsive follower of Test cricket on the internet here in Australia, and this disastrous match has sent me into a deep depression.

    The appalling pitch, the appalling lack of bowling depth for both sides, watching the batsman’s average bloat up, it has been awful. I was looking for some relief in England, only to wake up to the news that Kamran Akmal is up to his antics again, adding more fuel to the run-scoring orgy. It is almost too much to bare.

    I have to say the Test game is approaching a farce. In an era when the administrators are inventing shorter and shorter forms of the game to keep people interested, the curators and boards seem to want to strangle the life out of Tests by making them more and more boring.

    • @Valerio – First things first. Thanks for visiting the blog and posting the comment. Would you be kind enough to let me know how you got to the blog?

      On to important things — That pitch is an absolute disgrace and a graveyard for bowlers. There are so many things wrong with this Ind-SL series. 1) They have been playing each other for so many times in the last 2 years that they have started exchanging bodily fluids.. 2) The pitch. I don’t understand the point of having a shit pitch like that. Yes, perhaps it is good for the sponsors for a game to last all 5 days but they are absolutely driving the fans away from it. I am sure millions watched yesterday when Tendulkar was batting, but come on.. this is ridiculous.

      The Aus-Pak test match at Headingley was freaking fascinating even though it lasted only a bit more than 3 days. We need more pitches like that.

  5. I don’t remember when SL has made a game interesting by their own actions even once.. it seems that they have always gone after runs (unlike Aus, SA, or even India sometimes).. who cares about results, just keep pounding .. if it wasn’t for Murli, more of their games in SL would have been draws over the last 10-15 years.

    • Well, you have answered your own question. They had Murali. The other team didn’t. So, it was always win toss-bat first and bat big. Unleash Murali. Its a brilliant gameplan. If I had Murali in my team, I would do that too. I saw a stat somewhere recently where actually majority of the matches in SL recently have been result producing.

  6. Subash,

    I came to the blog via cricketwithballs website.

    I am a believer that Test matches must be changed to 4 days of 96 overs each, mainly for the reason that this takes away the commercial attractiveness of Day 5, as there is none. In my view this would force curators and administrators to prepare proper wickets.

    As much as many people may not like the English for reasons good and bad, certainly in terms of stewardship for cricket they would be my N0.1 choice. Sadly for countries like India and Sri Lanka they do not seem to understand Test cricket. Or as you allude to it it just simply the commercial attractiveness of Tendulkar batting everytime the TY is switched on.

    Where are you based ?

  7. Mr Valerio, whoever you are – this statement of yours is over the top – an arrow thrown in thin air.. you’ve missed everything! – “Sadly for countries like India and Sri Lanka they do not seem to understand Test cricket.”

  8. @Valerio — Your blanket statement is way, way off the mark. You could have blamed the administrators, TV honchos etc., and I would’ve agreed with you. To say that the countries (by which the people that inhabit them) do not understand them is just plain wrong. Its possible 200 million Indians do not care about Test cricket but that still leaves 80% of the country loving it. When you make that statement, you are affecting my sensibilities as I am from India, though living in US, and I learned my cricket in India and to this day, love my test cricket. As do many many others from that region, including V above.

  9. Dear V and Subash,

    I apologise for my statement and would like to retract it. Please allow me to do so. Please forgive me as I meant no harm. The statement was made in anger and frustration and was no way intended to be addressed to the many passionate Test cricket fans in Sri Lanka and India. I am in Australia and am a huge Indian cricket fan in particular. One of my greatest frustrations in cricket for me is that India cannot win a Test series in Australia. Why is this the case? Maybe you can help me to understand. It is certainly not due to talent or passion.

    As you say Subash, what I should have said and indeed the intent of what I was trying to say was that the cricket boards in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh continue turning out these types of matches on the flattest of flat tracks. They are a chore for everyone to watch. Runs have lost complete currency as they are so easy to accumulate. Why does this continue to happen? In Australia we are actually trending towards pitches, outfields etc. that are just as bad for good measure so really I need to include Australia in my criticism as well. The West Indies as well.

    The frustrating thing for me is that now that India is the global financial hub for cricket, which it undoubtably is, I would love to see India take a positive lead towards the survival and growth of the Test game. Perhaps when I say India I should refer to the BCCI and the TV networks as you have already said. Isn’t it fascinating how large the disconnect is between what the fans want and what the administrators and TV stations dish out. This is probably the most illuminating point for me in our discussion. The gap between what the fans of Test cricket want and what they actually get, and how powerless we all are to change anything.

    Currently in the Test match India’s last pair are involved in an unbeaten partnership of 32 in 24 overs. How bad is this match going to get? And is anyone going to do anything about it?

    In summary let me say this:
    I apologise for my previous comments. They were clumsily put together and should have been targeted to the cricket administrations and various commercial interests that are destroying the fabric of the game.
    To all the passionate Test cricket fans in both India and Sri Lanka I say we are all brothers in arms and lets hope we can work together to restore our wonderful game to where it should be.
    I really hope that the endless even battle between bat and ball can be returned to Test cricket so once again the game will be a joy to follow.

    • @Valerio – No harm, no foul, no worries. It was very generous of you to have retracted your statement, since you didn’t have to, as everyone is entitled to their opinion, right or wrong.

      To address your query as to why India has not been able to win a series in Australia — There are many factors that play in to it but let me focus on 2 of the main ones. To win a test match and then a series, you need bowlers to take 20 wickets and batsmen to put the requisite runs on the board. India did not have the pacemen (to exploit the Oz conditions) that could take 20 wickets between them. There has been an odd Kapil Dev or a Srinath but they never hunted in pairs. India came mighty close in 2003/04 to winning the series, and 2008 series would’ve been drawn if not for the Sydney fiasco (mainly due to “Blind as a Bat ” Bucknor. The Indian batsmen before 2000, except for Sachin could not perform abroad. With Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag for Sachin’s company, India are able to pile up scores on almost any pitch in any country. They won a test series in England in 2007, in WI in 2006.. let’s not forget those results.

      In the context of a test series, as we can all agree that you need bowlers to take 20 wkts to win the match, you need the batsmen to draw a match too, in foreign tours. As you may recall, Aussies did not win a series in India till 2004 for the longest time, in spite of having 2 of the greatest bowlers of all time and a power packed batting lineup.

      I am with you when it comes to moribund pitches like the one n SSC. They are a disgrace and turn people away from test cricket. I would rather have a rank turner than this shit road of a pitch.

      I personally would like the pitches to provide some support to the bowlers. Either offer bounce or pace, or turn. It does not have to be an out-and-out seaming wicket like Gabba either.

  10. Subash,

    You are a gentleman. I look forward to making further comments on your blog as the opportunity arises.

    Yours in cricket

  11. @Valerio – Thanks and I look forward to your feedback. Cheers!

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