Play selector for me

Now that the postmortem is underway in full flow, let us see how different the squad could have been, in hindsight.

Give me your best 14 that the Indian selectors could have included in the squad for the T20 world cup. If you wanna just give the playing 11 (as a batting line up) that’s fine too. You are allowed to take in to consideration the performance (or lack thereof, mostly) during the world cup to decide on a player as well.

The injury situation applies. So, you don’t have Sehwag and Praveen Kumar and since SRT has voluntarily withdrawn, he isn’t available either.


11 responses to “Play selector for me

  1. This would be my pick:

    Ideal playing XI(in order):
    1. IK Pathan
    2. G Gambhir
    3. S Raina
    4. Y Singh
    5. MS Dhoni
    6. R Uthappa
    7. V Kohli/R Sharma
    8. YK Pathan
    9. H Singh
    10. Z Khan
    11. I Sharma

    1. R Sharma/ V Kohli
    2. R Vinay Kumar
    3. A Nehra

    Here is my analysis-

    a) Murali Vijay has recently sprouted onto the 20-20 scene (another IPL bloomer) too recently to be slotted in yet. I like the way he plays, but I took him out on account of experience or lack of it. His replacement, IK Pathan is capable of opening and a worthy bowling option.

    b) 20-20 batting squads need to consist primarily of clean hitters with a couple of anchors interspersed in between to play the innings out and that is something I was trying to work out in this line up. So hitters could be: IK & YK Pathan, Yuvraj, Raina, Uthappa, Kohli/Sharma and anchors could be: Gambhir, Dhoni and Kohli/Sharma again.

    c) I believe the selectors assumed that the pitches would be sluggish (how??- if only we had a couple of practice games!!). Ishant hasn’t been performing to expections, but his ability to bounce could count up for selection. Would have been an interesting opening combo with Zaheer.

    d) Uthappa’s previous T20 records for india and the IPL speak up for his selection.

    e) Kohli or Rohit Sharma- I am not sure here. I put in Kohli first only because of his superior fielding.

    f) Bowling- definitely the biggest worry in any indian setup, but I believe my line up has enough backup options. Primary: Zaheer, Ishant, Irfan, Bhajji, part timer
    Part timers: Yuvraj, Raina, Yusuf

    I am having one of those lighter days at work 🙂

  2. Considering the form going in to the WC and coming out of it, I would say Yuvraj and YKP shd be out. I think Kohli, Rohit & Uthappa will easily walk in to this line up. I’ll give my line up at a later time.

  3. Gambhir
    Vinay Kumar
    Ojha/Irfan (based on the pitch)

    • this is very close to what I have gone with, too. However, the option of R.Ashwin is very intriguing. He instead of ojha. He can open the bowling, bats and fields better than ojha

  4. 1. Rohit Sharma
    2. Gambhir
    3. Raina
    4. Yusuf Pathan
    5. Kohli
    6. Dhoni
    7. Vinay Kumar
    8. Ojha
    9. Amit Mishra
    10. Zaheer Khan
    11. Ashish Nehra
    12. Umesh Yadav
    13. Ashwin
    14.Irfan Pathan/Sid Trivedi

    Rohit sharma to open with Gambhir. Irrespective of the match condition, Yusuf pathan would have to bat ahead of Dhoni.
    Yuvraj seems to be lacking intensity – Kohli instead.
    Given that its a short tournament, a backup keeper probably is not reqd – DK is out.
    I feel, Bhajji is past his prime, whats the point being in the team if you cannot take wickets?
    And batsman are found reading him easily.
    Ojha and Mishra seem better. I’d include them.
    Vinay Kumar – poor guy, he picked up 2 important wickets in the SL game. I’m sure if he had played the WI game – we would have seen a improved performance.
    He’d be the person to look out for in future.

    Uthappa – does he ever consistently perform? In IPL as well, he performed well only in B’lore.

    • Interesting you left out Bhajji and whatt seems to be a consensus choice, Uthappa. Also, you have shrunk the batting to 6. and 5 bowlers. Intriguing you still stuck with YKP. Hmm..

      • Yes, there should be a balance in the team batsmen, bowlers. In all the matches we played, except the game against Aus – only 6-7 players were required to bat. Its only 20 overs right? If ever a team batting first is going to find hard to put up a formidable score on the ground. There should be enough bowlers, decent bowling to restrict the opposition.
        Was Dhoni still left with some CSK hangover?
        batting is our strength..blah, blah..

        • if you are taking only 6 batsmen, which completely fine, you need a more sure batsman than blow-hot-blow-cold once upon a time I hit a rapid 100 YKP. He can bat in only one mode and cant adapt to tough situations. Kohli, Sharma and even uthappa fit the bill.

  5. From Karthik:

    I would take out Yuvraj in a heartbeat. His body language is not good – this is playing for your country. If you can’t take it seriously, please step aside (look at SRT or RD or AK and how they prepare and play seriously in every single match). And I’m tired of hearing about Rohit Sharma’s talent. If you have the talent and don’t know how to deliver, then the talent is useless. So, I would take him out too. I guess the replacements would be Utthappa and Kohli.

    Now the bowling department is tricky because the choice is very limited. Play Vinay Kumar or that Delhi Daredevil quick (I forget his name). I’m not convinced that Ishant Sharma would have made much difference. I’m still waiting to see the follow-up act to his Perth spell to Ponting. Only when you look at bowling does it become obvious that this team finished exactly where it should have given its bowling resources.

    • Karthik: I completely agree with you about Yuvraj. He has gotten a paunch man! He has turned the clock back to the 80’s indian cricket. In fact, apparently, some talking head on Indian TV claimed that Yuvi grew a goatee to hide his double chin. That sounds ridiculous but the fact that someone could even think that, since he has let go of himself and has put on a belly and generally unfit, is unbelievable.

      However, I think Rohit deserves a spot, as he was the only one to score runs against the Aussies and he got Billy Bowden-ed in the WI game and didn’t get to bat against SL and wasn’t in the team against SA.

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