Do-or-Die Update

Mid way through the India-Sri Lanka match, India have made 163 in 20 overs. So, if Sri Lanka make 144, India are out of the tournament (that is still assuming Australia beat west Indies).

Rather strange inning it was. Initially, there was plenty of scoring and India got to 90 of 10 overs but managed only 70+ in the second half, even with the batting depth they have. Possibly due to slow pitch. From the looks of it, its a pitch where as the ball gets old, stroke making is difficult.

Key to India, early wickets and put pressure on Sri Lanka and make the 144 run chase seem like 180. As I write this, SL’s form batsman Jayawardana is out in the firs over. Hmm.. 1 down, 9 to go.


One response to “Do-or-Die Update

  1. Well played Sri Lanka. Tough beginning, aggression from Dilshan while Sanga consolidated, then Sanga stepped on while Angelo got it going and Kapugadera finished it with a flourish. Excellent run chase, perfectly paced.

    Let’s focus our attention to the next world cup then. Shall we? 🙂

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