Some early thoughts on the do-or-die game tomorrow

1. Ravindra Jadeja is out.

2. Umesh Yadav makes an appearance not aware of the visa papers goof up. sorry.

3. If India win toss, will bowl first – To know the target in terms of boosting NRR

4. Need to keep Jayasuriya and Dilshan down.

5. I think India get through to Semis. (All is forgotten Jadeja)


16 responses to “Some early thoughts on the do-or-die game tomorrow

  1. What an eternal optimist you are? After seeing the WI super 8 match – I’ve lost hope…Can they atleast win?

  2. Murali should not be there, I am sure Dinesh Karthik can do a better job!
    Questions: Why we do not have Robin & Pragyan Ojha in the team!

    • I am not so sure about this. DK, given the chance, did not do a great job against SA when he chickened out. M. Vijay was selected as one-to-one replacement for Sehwag and he showed enough promise opening the batting for Chennai. I think the fact that Uthappa did not open the batting may have worked against him. I agree with you that Pragyan should have made the team. I still do not know how Yuvraj has not copped any of the blame for this performance. He is actually more senior than Dhoni in the team and has not performed at all.

  3. Dhoni should lead from the front, he needs to play a good innings! Or is he running out of luck? He should focus more on playing & winning rather than playing and manipulating to maintain good batting average (by coming late in order)

  4. any idea, why Sehwag is not playing?
    As per Conspiracy theories, Sehwag does not get along Dhoni, and he knows that if India has any chance on doing something good in the world cup, he needs to be in!

    So Mr. Sehwag stayed out, challenging Dhoni, go and win the cup without me

    • Well, I know only that Sehwag hurt his shoulder while training. I follow Viru o twitter and he mentioned that he is down in Bangalore for some rehab work. I’d like to believe that.

      The conspiracy theories are always abound and only pop their head when the team is not doing too well. Let’s hear about all the conspiracy theories of how Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly, in cahoots, wanted to show up the Indian selectors by not going to 2007 T20 World cup. Please… These are salacious stories that TV and newspaper peddle to grab attention.

  5. I think every player while representing their country, wants to do their best to help their team win. Its childish to randomly accuse Dhoni of “manipulating” the batting order to get a good average. He came in at the same spot for both Aus and WI game, he scored some runs against the WI. I agree that he needs to lead from the front and I think he is doing that. The nature of the sport is such that, when a captain tries a few things and works, he is a genius and if it doesn’t, he is dumped unceremoniously. Dhoni has shown remarkable temperament and a certain amount of aloofness to not get caught up in the hype, and focus only on the results. IMHO, he is one of the better captains India has had.

  6. Agree & disagree!
    Having played for the University team in both cricket & table tennis, I can say that scoring some runs is not the role of captain!
    He needs to see the team through!

    And MSD has been accused of manipulating the order to built huge averages!

  7. True, a captain’s job is to see the team through. But he does not get in the team if he does not perform in his role which may be as batsman, bowler or keeper. You can’t have a no-performing captain.. remember the saga with Ganguly in 2005?

    MSD has been accused of many things and will continue to be. Its that type of business and job – Captain of India.

    As having been a captain myself for a cricket team in college and grad school, I can say with complete confidence that MSD is doing a good job of captaincy. Of course, some of the things he has tried did not work in the last 2 matches, but looking back at the 3 years he has been the captain in all formats of the game, he has done outstandingly well.

  8. Hey, just checked the update. India won the toss and we are batting. Looks like the fact that we have lost all the matches batting second (and very badly too…) has gotten to us. I think it is a good option to bat first and put a big total on the board. We know where to restrict them. So MSD will be looking to score big.

    I have a feeling India will go through to semi-finals.

    My guess on the margin of defeat for Sri Lanka = 30-40 runs… Lets see how it goes.


  9. MS trying to outsmart MS 🙂

    chase when u want bat first .. bat first when u want to chase … its been a shcoking tournament for MS and the team as a whole ….

    no sixes in last 7 .. astonishing .. yuvi should have come 2 down .. MS walks in and does nothing…

    hope they bowl well and atleast win …..

    • I just saw your comment. Yeah, its been a little counter-intuitive captaincy this tournament. I mean, he is coming off the IPL where he led from the front, took CSK in to semis and won the trophy!

      Very bizarre, to put it mildly. Its not like CSK had a ton of great players either. It was mediocre team as well that played the big moments, better! Beats me, man!

  10. As expected, Indians have made an early exit from another ICC Tournament, I guess team is saving Daily allowances and hotel expenses!!!
    Sehwag and Pravin Kumar were missed big time!!

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