A first in wicket keeping

From Cricinfo commentary during the Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe match in the ongoing T20 World Cup:

“I am looking on in disbelief, and have pinched myself a couple of times, but yes, it does seem like Tatenda Taibu is keeping without wearing any kind of pads on his legs. First time I’m seeing this.” Take a look at the picture to see it for yourselves!

I know when we play gully cricket with a hard tennis ball, the wicket keepers never wear pads but when the game is played with the proper cricket ball, i must say, i have never ever seen a wicket keeper without pads.  More power to you, Tatenda!


6 responses to “A first in wicket keeping

  1. He is wearing shin pads inside his trousers. Soccer players wear them.

  2. Yeah, from the picture it looks like it. But still, nothing like what keepers wear in Cricket. Brave decision, indeed. Perhaps, this will be the new trend. The pads are perhaps similar to what the fielders at silly point and short-leg wear.

  3. Batsmen have started wearing keeping pads while batting to help run faster. Keeper wearing shin pads to cover ground faster.

  4. Hope he’s wearing knees pads too

  5. no mate. i don’t think.

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