An Awesome Gift

I used to read at least one book every week when I was in college in India. That deteriorated to about 1-2 per month when I entered graduate school and as I immersed myself in to full-fledged TV watching (Hey, I gotta keep up with baseball, football, tennis, golf, ESPN, Comedy central, Cartoon network, cricket online), the habit of reading had come to a grinding halt.

I have been, for a long time, wanting to write about cricket. Best thing would be that you get paid to do it, but that is not my goal. Not yet anyway. I was talking to my better half the other day about how I need to get back in to the habit of reading books, especially, cricket related ones, so that I can get better at writing about the beautiful game of cricket.

Today at work, I received a package, that said on it and I was intrigued. As I opened the package and saw the content, to my pleasant surprise, it was this:

Beyond a Boundary - CLR James

Thank you love. I have also been told to curb my urge to order cricket books online as there might be some more of these on the way already. FANTASTIC! Even when I used to read regularly, I preferred to read fiction/thrillers as they moved fast. Since these books are about cricket, its should be a breeze to get through them. I’ll try to post my take on the book when I get done. Till then, you could read this.


2 responses to “An Awesome Gift

  1. Any time love! I’m just glad to finally beat my dad out for a mention on the blog 😉

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